About US

Carquinez Quad Squad is the first flat track roller derby league in Solano County, California.

Our mission is to educate, empower and develop a community of roller derby, while providing an opportunity to engage in a volunteer-driven, competitive and health focused sport. 

The team was formed by Coaches Hittsburgh, Madeya Ink and the Duchess of Death in January of 2019, when the desire for Roller Derby in Solano County could no
longer be ignored!

We’re here to offer you fitness, empowerment, and entertainment!

Want to be part of the team,
but don’t want to play?

We are always looking for non-skating officials, referees, sponsors and fans!  


We play flat-track roller derby using the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association rules & regulations

In 2021, Carquinez Quad Squad joined the California Derby Galaxy (CDG), a coalition of WFTDA-ruleset roller derby leagues in the Greater Bay Area. The purpose of CDG is to provide diverse and numerous opportunities for roller derby athletes and officials to both train and compete, at a variety of levels and frequencies. CDG also has a commitment to lowering barriers to entry for systematically marginalized participants by providing fiscal relief to enable their participation.

Our team is insured with WFTDA and uses multiple practice venues. 

Please reach out for information on dropping into a practice or stopping by to see if roller derby is right for you!


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